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How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

June 4th, 2013 | Posted by nikki in Blog - (Comments Off on How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way)
Lose weight

Fad diets and unrealistic expectations have left you feeling like you are never going to get rid of your excess weight, but you can! Let’s return to the basics and get back to the common sense solutions we know work. It’s better to lose the weight a little slower as you’re more likely to keep it off and its healthier too.

Losing weight happens when you burn more calories than you consume. The average women burns 2,000 calories a day and the average man 2,500. This means that you should aim to eat fewer than this in order to lose weight. You can augment weight loss with exercise. You burn most calories when you exercise on an empty stomach (keep hydrated!) and with a high heart rate. Your performance will be negatively affected if you exercise before eating, but it does improve fat burning. You can monitor your heart rate with a heart rate monitor in order to ensure that you are exercising at a level that burns the most calories.

Eat at least seven fruits and veggies a day. These make you feel full and give you all the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy. If you are feeling hungry, eat a fruit or veggie and drink a glass of water. Wait for 20 mins and then see if you’re still hungry.

Reduce the amount of salt and starch you eat (that means no more French fries!) This alone will help you to lose a few pounds in your first week as starches and salt make you retain water.

Don’t skip meals. Make every meal a monumental deal. This means no eating on the run or over the sink. Sit down for every meal and chew your food well. Drink water while you are eating. Your stomach takes about 20 minutes to register that its full. If you wolf down a burger and fries in 15 minutes, you’ll end up eating more. If you take your time, you will feel full sooner and eat less.

Small portions – small plates. Using a side plate will mean you take less food, then by the time you have finished eating that portion, your stomach has registered that its full and you won’t eat more than you need to.

Identify times when you are most likely to cheat. If this is at 10am, in the afternoon or after dinner, then find new activities to do during these times to avoid temptation. Don’t throw the whole day away just because you cheated once. If you cheat, go easy on yourself and at least make the rest of the day better.

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