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Foods that are More Fattening than you Think

June 28th, 2013 | Posted by nikki in Blog - (Comments Off on Foods that are More Fattening than you Think)

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You work so hard to maintain your weight and you deserve to have a healthy, happy body. Some foods pack a hidden calorie punch that may be sabotaging your best efforts to stay in shape. Here are some foods that are higher in calories than you may have realized.

Dried fruit: Sure it’s healthy, but each portion that you pop is actually half a fruit. While you wouldn’t consider eating 6 peaches in one sitting, you can easily scoff down the equivalent in dried fruit. When you do add dried fruits to your menu, be cognisant of how many you eat. Cut them up and add them to cereals and other dishes and, wherever possible, go for fresh fruit instead; its free of preservatives and will fill you up for longer.

Avocadoes: These precious green gems are really wonderful additions to a healthy diet. They are packed with all sorts of ‘good’ fats, healthy vitamins and wonderful anti-oxidants. However, avocados are high in calories so eat them sliced on a sandwich or in a salad rather than on a chip in guacamole form. Sure, guacamole is healthy, but you will be racking up the calories in no time at all.

Coffees: Lattes and cappuccinos are delicious, and while coffee itself has a negligible number of calories, all that milk, cream and added syrup flavoring will really add to your calorie intake. You can still get your java fix, but opt for drinks with less milk and no creamy toppings.

Salads: So you opt for the salad in a fast food restaurant because you’re awesome like that, but what you don’t realize is that many chain-store salads contain more calories than a burger or fries. Blame the creamy, oily salad dressings and bacon or crumbed chicken toppings for this unfortunate situation. Check caloric values before you order.

Cheese: Sad but true, just a thin slice of cheese the size of a domino can add up to 130 calories and a whopping 11 grams of fat.

Knowing what’s in the food you’re eating will help you to make the right choices to keep you healthy and slim.

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