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Gift ideas for the health-conscious

December 11th, 2013 | Posted by nikki in Blog - (Comments Off on Gift ideas for the health-conscious)
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Do you have someone special in your life who enjoys a healthy lifestyle? Do they love sports, run marathons or enjoy a healthy diet? If you do have someone in your life like this, here are some of the best gifts for the health-conscious this Christmas.

Bathroom Scales

Get the latest state-of-the-art digital bathroom scales that also measure body fat and calories. This is a really useful tool for those who are working to a health goal. You can get a wide range of models at a variety of prices from Healthcheck Systems.

Heart Rate Monitors

This is an essential tool for the serious athlete as well as the novice. When you are training for a triathlon, marathon or bike race, you need to monitor your heart rate to know when you should train harder and move faster. The heart rate monitor helps athletes to get the most out of every workout. Get the best technologically advanced heart rate monitors here.

Blood Pressure monitor

These help you to regulate your blood pressure by keeping accurate readings. You can get a wide range of blood pressure monitors for the wrist or arm from the experts at Healthcheck Systems.


These nifty little gadgets help to keep track of how many steps you have taken in a day. They can tell you how far you have traveled and how many calories you have burned. Most come with a stop watch so that you can record your times as well. Get the widest range of pedometers at the lowest prices here.

Fat Calipers

Get more accurate readings of your body fat index with these fat calipers. Fat calipers help you to regulate your body weight to the right weight for your height and age for a healthier lifestyle. Find a wide range of fat calipers here.

Make your own sprouts in a jar!

August 23rd, 2013 | Posted by nikki in Blog - (Comments Off on Make your own sprouts in a jar!)

While lentils, buts, beans and grains are already super healthy for you, you can make them even healthier by sprouting them. When these foods are sprouted, the proteins they contain are activated and nutritional value released.

When foods are sprouted, they can contain up to 100 times more enzymes. Enzymes help your organs to perform their functions and they help you to get the nutritional value from your food.

Sprouting carries with it so many benefits for the body. You get more fiber from sprouts and sprouting can increase the vitamin content 20 times!

When you sprout your grains, buts and beans, you increase the vitamin B2 by 515 percent, the niacin by 256 percent and the vitamin B1 by 285 percent.

Sprouts are inexpensive and you can make them in only 48 hours for a constant supply of fresh, healthy vitamin-rich superfoods.

Making your own sprouts couldn’t be simpler. Here is an easy DIY step-by-step guide from

Cut a small piece of fabric (preferably cotton) to cover the top of a Mason jar.

Place 1/3 cup lentils, beans, nuts or grains into your Mason jar. Add 2 cups of water. Place the piece of fabric over the mouth of the jar and secure with the ring part of the lid.

Leave the sprouts for 24 hours.

Turn the jar upside down to get the water out. Rinse the sprouts and drain the water.

Rinse the sprouts every 12 hours. In 48 hours you will have a jar full of fresh, crunchy delicious sprouts.

Sprouts are great as part of a healthy diet. If you want to lose weight, eating sprouts will help you to feel full (thanks to the fiber) while providing you with tons of nutritional value.

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