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Beginner Tips to Running the Perfect Marathon

January 21st, 2014 | Posted by nikki in Blog

The trouble with training for a marathon is that every runner is different. What works for one person may not work for another and it’s tough to get to know your body, especially if this is your first marathon. The important thing to remember is that you should train at a pace that suits you and listen to your body to prevent injury. Here are some of the best tips for preparing for your first marathon that work for every runner.

Don’t overdo it

Sure you need to train enough, but getting an injury can rule you out of a race. After all those months of training it can be really heart breaking. Instead, listen to your body and push the limits, but don’t go too far. It’s better to be slightly undertrained, but strong and healthy than limping through the race with an injury.

Build up slowly

Start with a low weekly mileage and then add no more than 10% each week. Start well in advance of the race so you will have enough time to train.

Leave time for recovery

When you do long runs or have a tough week of training, make sure that you leave ample time for recovery. Don’t worry that you are losing form; you’re fine! Not leaving enough time to recover will mean you set yourself up for injury.

Perfect your pace

You need to find the pace that is right for you and practice it. Running too fast, especially when you get caught up in the spirit of the race, will mean that you will be too tired to finish.

Get the right gear

You don’t need a lot of it, but ensure that you have the right shoes for you and use a heart rate monitor to pace yourself.

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