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3 Bad Habits that Lead to Weight Gain

July 17th, 2013 | Posted by nikki in Blog

If you are regularly disappointed by what your scale is saying, it may be time to stop counting calories and start changing your habits. Some behavior leads to binge eating and weight gain and changing these, rather than going on a diet, is the real secret to sustained weight loss.

Drinking alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most calorie-rich things you can consume. If you are having more than one drink a night, stop it! Not only does drinking increase your calorie intake, it also lowers your will power which means you are more likely to get those chicken wings on the way home from the bar. Moderate drinking is fine, but keep it down to one or two drinks a day.

 Identify your weak points

Maybe its snacking in front of the TV, or you’re eating continuously while you cook, maybe you let yourself binge when you eat out and you eat out often. Whatever your weak points are, make sure that you identify which behaviors trigger binge eating and change them. Don’t watch so much TV, do something else and institute a rule that says no eating after 7. Don’t snack while you’re cooking. Plan your meals on a Sunday and do all your shopping over the weekend so that you don’t end up at 7pm with no food in the fridge with you too tired to shop and cook. That way you’ll eat less take out.

 Get more sleep

More and more studies are confirming the link between obesity and lack of sleep. Getting enough sleep helps your body to stabilize sugar levels, repair and produce the hormones you need to keep an even keel. If you are struggling to fall asleep, try moderate exercise and no snacking after 7!

Diet all you want, but if you just go back to eating the same way when you’ve reached your goal weight, you will never keep off the pounds. Small changes to the habits that make you eat in the first place will ensure that you get that weight off and keep it off. Get moving, get sleeping and good luck!

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